Cleaning and Organizing*


* Minimal requirement of 2 hours


$37 per hour  - if you request to add a deep clean service, it will require an additional $10 fee for each service


Cleaning the full house - $37 per hour, your request of what you want will need to be communicated before the scheduled date. (Deep Cleaning of specific items will have a minimal additional charge - see below)


Kitchen - Includes surface clean stove & fridge,  wiping of counters, items on counters, sink, microwave in and out, tables/nook, chairs, floors, cabinets, baseboards and the removal of trash (Deep Cleaning of stove and fridge are not included)


Fridge (Deep Clean) - Includes removal of expired food, clean and organize fridge/freezer area - shine outside surface ($10 additional fee)


Stove (Deep Clean) - Includes clean inside perimeter, glass, inner and outer racks, top of stove - shine outside surface ($10 additional fee)


Pantry Organization - Includes wipe and straighten shelves, discard expired items, organize items according to category (ie. canned items, spices & etc...)


Clothing/Shoe Closets -  Includes straightening of clothing, re-hanging with your hangers, refolding, organize shoes and accessories, vacuuming (mop if tile or wood) 


Bathroom - Includes mirrors, vanity, shower/tub, toilet, baseboards, floor and the removal of trash


Bedroom - Includes change sheets & organize bedspread and pillows, polish furniture, wipe window ledges, polish baseboards, organize and re-hang clothes and vacuum


Porch/Patio -  Includes wiping patio furniture, shine glass, shake off mat and furniture cushions and sweep


Dining Room - Includes polishing tables and chairs, remove items from dining cabinets and dust, vacuum or mop floors


Garage Organizing - Includes sweeping and organizing items according to owners request

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