How My Time started

It all started with being faced with oppositions in life and not being able to have any time for myself or my family. Oppositions that required helping hands for various situations such as; picking up dinner, dry cleaning, post office runs, multiple grocery store visits and not having enough time to complete several needed tasks in a week – all while managing to hold down a career.  This challenge of fitting in 5 hours of errands in a daily hour lunch break was simply not feasible. The way the world was moving at a vast pace; therefore, there was no time to schedule appointments or just have time to relax alone or with family -without feeling pressed for time. It seemed like there was always somewhere to be or something to take care of. Simply put “a lack of time to think or have time for a meaningful life”. It made me realize that people of all walks of life are experiencing the same concerns and are in desperate need of assistance—this is how My Time Home Concierge Group, LLC was created. Please see below for how we can help you regain your life:


Founder & President, Rita


About Rita

Rita, the founder and president of My Time Home Concierge Group, LLC,

holds a MA Ed degree from Central Michigan University and post certifications in Public Speaking and Community Leadership from Dale Carnegie and the University of Michigan - Dearborn. She was nominated and published in 2005 for National Recognition of College Instruction through "Who is Who in Education". She has educated and counseled over 18,000 students in the last 19 years. Her career and area of expertise is directed in program management, project consulting and college instruction. She continues to pave the way for our future college graduates - in her eyes not as a "job" but as a genuine "passion". Rita can be described as advocate for bringing quality time back to families as well as personal time back to achieve a true "Life Balance".

Designed for You

My Time Home Concierge Group is designed for Busy Families, Professionals, Single Parents, Expectant/New Moms, Senior Citizens/Caregivers:


Save Time: Restore your lunch hours, evenings and weekends & have more time for friends, family and the things you enjoy like hobbies and exercise. Allowing our team at “My Time” to complete your “to do” list gives you back “YOUR TIME” so you can do “YOU”!


Save Money: Let us stick to your grocery list and other miscellaneous stops – while not over buying or wasting time. Have our concierge group save you money so you can live better by completing your “to do” lists, with accuracy by utilizing cost saving tips


Reduce Stress:  “My Time” will reduce your stress by utilizing us instead of multiple points of contacts to have your home management in order. Allow our group to take care of your entire errand, cleaning and scheduling needs-without having to call various vendors.


Eliminate wasting time off work:  Saving vacation time for what it is meant for can allow you to enjoy your days off – while “My Time” takes care of your busy work. Days off per year from an employer are very limited, on average allowing for 2 to 3 weeks of personal time (10 to 15 days off per year).  Take time off work to “unplug” your brain from laptops, phones and the daily stress that contributes to excess cortisol, heart attacks and more stress related health issues.  In addition, wasting vacation time to meet contractors or repair workers at your home can use up your annual time—where the end result is again—no time for you.  Allow “My Time” to give you your time back without breaking your budget.


Senior Caregiving Assistance: If you are a caregiver, you have days where you need to regain your energy and take care of your own personal business and needs. By allowing “My Time” to assist on occasion can allow you to come back to your loving role refreshed and re-charged.


Expectant Parents: Preparing for the birth of a child can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly buying unnecessary items – there is so much to do and very little time left to get the rest that is needed to take care of yourself and the new baby.  Allowing “My Time” to assist with the preparation such as shopping for bedroom accessories, undergarments and all the necessities can be quite a challenge. Ease into parenting without the unneeded stress during this joyful time- while we handle the stressful components. 

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